Sataesh Khan's Nasty Divorce Battle |

Sataesh Khan’s Nasty Divorce Battle

By Staff / Published on Monday, 17 Mar 2014 15:39 PM / No Comments / 2683 views

Former Model/Actress Sataesh Khan, left showbiz in 2012, is now seeking divorce from her husband Malik Noureed Awan.

Sataesh married wealthy businessman Malik Noureed Awan, in a lavish party in 2013. The wedding which lasted close to an year has ended in nasty divorce battle. Sataesh Khan has revealed that she was constantly tortured and threatened by family of Noureed Awan. She further added she is the 15th wife of Noureed and he has destroyed and ruined the lives of many other girls.

Previously, Malik Noureed married Pakistani singer Annie Khalid. However, the marriage quickly ended in a few months. Annie claimed she was brutally tortured and beaten by Noureed.

It seems that Annie Khalid had been right the whole time. The monster Noureed needs to be sent to jail forever.

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