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The Creators of ‘The Early Days’ Present ‘Mangoes’

Mangoes – The Series is an invigorating tale of South Asian youth that epitomizes true potential of the young generation by depicting them as intrepid individuals who are eager and ready to take on the title of ‘a global citizen’. It’s the commonality of the people around the world that brings them together to inspire something unique, be it an amalgam of ambitions or camaraderie within the defined boundaries of a peaceful coexistence. Set in Toronto, Mangoes encapsulates the pursuit to put across part of the story that needs to be told.

Mangoes (TV Series) is a slice of life story of Indians and Pakistanis in a love hate relationship. Bring in a job seeker, a feminist, a burger boy, a hindu, a muslim and a jew and things can get really complicated. Can these complications be uncomplicated by ‘Mangoes’ the common people?

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The Suhrwardy Brothers have brought us successful box office hits like ‘The Early Days’ & ‘Kaanch’

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