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Why Mawra Was About To Quit Showbiz Forever?

There are many celebrities who clap back at the social media trolls; some decide to switch off the comments section like Ushna Shah and Ayesha Omar, while others give befitting replies like Shehryar Munawwar and Iqra Aziz. However, there are some of them who just can’t handle all the trolling and hate that they get from the public. Recently, Mawra Hocane revealed that once she had almost quit showbiz due to online hate. She opened up in her interview in the first episode of Golden Pearl Presents Hello! Mira Sethi.

Talking to Mira Sethi, the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress told that she was disheartened because of the backlash and criticism. She even recalled receiving death threats from the public and this was the time when she moved abroad and decided to quit the showbiz industry completely. Here is what she said:

“You can’t even think about making a mistake, because you have been placed on a pedestal where you can’t say anything wrong. So the first time this hit me I was like, I want to stop using it. I want to stop acting and I just want to leave. And I actually went to Sydney and told my parents ‘I don’t want to do this anymore”

Talking about Instagram, she said:

 “I didn’t know a thing about Instagram, even though people credit me for being one of the first celebs to join it and start some sort of trend. For me, it was just something I just enjoyed using. I was 19 when I started working. So I’d take pictures on the sets of my projects and upload them.”

So Mawra was one of the few Pakistani celebs who joined Instagram and used it as a platform to display her work and educate the people. The 28-year old starlet then recalled that her co-stars used to ask her what she was doing and then she told them about Instagram. She said that at that time people didn’t know that this platform would grow up to be so big.

Currently Mawra has 6.1 million fans on Instagram and she is one of the most followed female celebrities in Pakistan. She received hate from this platform and decided to quit too, but now she is determined to work and give the right message to the people.


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