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Ayesha Omar Shows Her Broken Collar Bone

Ayesha Omar is one of the finest actresses and has struggled a lot in the industry to give her best performance. Some days ago, she was in a tete-a-tete with Tabish Hashmi, the host of the show ‘To Be Honest’. During her interview, she talked about her near-death encounter when she met an accident. She was traveling with her friend and fellow actor Azfar Rehman from Karachi to Hyderabad to attend the launch of a clothing brand’s store.



Their car was about to have a head-on collision with an on-coming truck, but they managed to get past it. However, in an attempt to prevent this collision, another truck had hit their car from back. The accident was catastrophic and their car was terribly crushed. Ayesha’s collar bone had collapsed and she was in intense pain and couldn’t even move. She told that she had almost lost her life if she hadn’t been shifted to the hospital in a police car.



Ayesha suffered a lot because of this accident and is still suffering. At the show she demonstrated how one of her arm was lower than the other because of the broken collar bone. She said that she always uses her other hand to set the affected hand because she can’t move it properly. From her near-death experience, Ayesha learnt that one should never lose faith in God because one day everything gets alright. In spite of her broken bone, she still stands brave and confident and is truly a Diva!


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