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Four Best Lollywood Movies of the Last Decade

Last ten years have been a little different for Lollywood as they are finally coming towards a revival of the cinema and they are started to produce some good movies, and yes, without rainy dance numbers as well.

Here we have four best Lollywood movies of the last decade depending on their business, reviews, direction and acting performance.

  1. Na Maloom Afraad

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The Nabeel Qureshi directorial was one of the best things ever happened to Pakistani cinema and maybe that’s why he decided to make it a franchise rather than only a film. The star cast included Fahad Mustafa along with Mohsin Abbas Haider and veteran Javed Sheikh.

The story revolves around three men who decide to rob a bank to fulfill their dreams and most importantly to find a way out of their miserable problems.

  1. Manto

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Sarmad Khoosat is without the doubt one of the most talented people the world has ever seen and he never fails to amaze us by his brilliant insight and breathtaking acting skills. And yes, how can I forget to mention his out of the world direction.

Manto is one of the best biopics ever made. The film is based on the life of Indo-Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto.

  1. Punjab Nahi Jaungi

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The Nadeem Baig directorial actually made us fall in love with the Pakistani cinema and gained our trust that Lollywood can finally revive.

The cast features, Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed and Sohail Ahmed in the leading roles, but the major credit goes to Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who did justice to his reputation but writing an outstanding screenplay.

  1. Cake

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The Asim Abbasi directorial was something which shocked the whole Pakistani audience, nobody expected that Pakistani cinema could produce a movie of this caliber. Script, direction, acting, cinematography everything was way ahead of time.

Cake is one of the finest movies ever made in the world cinema. The drama/mystery features Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik and Aamina Sheikh in the lead roles but the main credit goes to veteran actor Saeed Mohammad Ahmed who was untouchable in his role.


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