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Ali Zafar Helps Educate Girls

Who could’ve thought that the simple kid coming from a middle class background of two university professors as parents, spotted daily at a hotel lobby once, struggling to make his livelihood by making portraits and paintings, would one day be the highest bidder of an art auction for a cause.

The buzz is that recently at an art auction event by Sanjan Nagar held to educate under privileged girls in acquiring advanced education, Ali Zafar was present too. During the auction where the who’s who of society was present, Ali started bidding for a painting, in tough competition with a gentleman.

He didn’t give up until he bought the painting apparently for almost a million Pakistani Rupees. Source says that when he heard about the cause of the auction, Zafar, who is already known to be associated with various charity works didn’t think twice about attending the event and ended up sponsoring higher education for 40 girls.

These girls whose parents being poor couldn’t afford their education, are now going to be studying sciences like neurology, medical and even strive to be an astronauts. On making an attempt to approach Zafar for his comments, his PR person responded he didn’t want to take any credit as he thinks it was his duty like every other individual whose been granted the means and power to give to his society.

Seems like even after receiving the success that he has with b-town, the actor/singer has not forgotten his roots and continues to support his people at home, proving to be an inspiration for all.

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