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Ali Zafar Speaks At India’s Mind Rocks Youth Summit

Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar boasts an incredibly vociferous following amongst the youth of India, at least that’s the indication from his presentation at India Today’s Mind Rocks Youth Summit.

The handsome and talented young man presented a self-deprecating and humble exposition of his road to success and the decisions he took which shaped his life. The dreams of so many of today’s youth are to find fame and success so they had no trouble adopting his story as goal.

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Ali Zafar speaks during the session ‘How I made it: 20 minute performances by youth icons’ at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit.

Ali Zafar made the most of the opportunity of speaking to India’s future to illustrate that a peaceful path forward could only be walked if we can all balance the weight of our past while looking straight into what we have ahead of us. Forgiveness and understanding will lead us ahead together.

The well-spoken singer and actor completed his presentation with a beautiful deflection of a good question. Asked how much his good looks had contributed to the advancement of his success he replied, “As much as this microphone contributed to the advancement of your question.”