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Media Silent over Uzma Khan Issue

Uzma Khan

Finally there is some success for Uzma Khan as the arrest warrant has been issued for women who broke into the house of Uzma Khan.

The torture which Uzma Khan and her sister had to go through is clearly visible in the videos which went viral on the social media after the incident.

After sweat and hustle against the power man of Pakistan, finally, an FIR was registered against on Uzma’s complaint. The persons nominated in the FIR include Riaz’s daughters Pashmina Malik and Ambar Malik, Amina Usman Malik (wife of Usman Malik), and 15 unidentified armed men — the private guards with whom the three women had entered the house seen in video clips.

Today, Uzma Khan took to Twitter and posted a video stating that her life is in danger as she has declined all the offers made to her to withdraw her case.

She said she was in Lahore and had requested IG Punjab to meet her, adding that some of the IG’s subordinates were suggesting that she enter into a compromise while there were others who were supporting her.

The actor said she will follow the IG’s advice, whether it is pursuing the case or reaching a settlement.

Despite all that, media is still silent over the issue and according to some reports, there were some channels who interview Uzma regarding the incident but it didn’t go online due to the pressure from the channel owners.


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