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Pakistan’s Drag Queen, Beats Up Mother!

We have just learned that Pakistan’s most famous drag queen, Ali Saleem also known as Begum Nawazish Ali is said to have beaten his mother and broken her bone when she refused to give him money.

Ali Saleem is best known by his alter-ego Begum Nawazish Ali, and is currently a Pakistani television host, actor, scriptwriter and impressionist.

He broke into the mainstream audiences through his impersonations of late prime minister Benazir Bhutto, and later and playing the cross-dressing Begum Nawazish Ali on various television channels, including the Aaj TV network, Dawn News and Geo TV network. Although currently, his alter ego of Begum Nawazish Ali has now become his primary persona as he rarely appears as the male Ali Saleem.

At 31 years old he is a bisexual man born to a retired colonel father in Pakistan Army and his wife, a former government official.

Biologically born a male, but when asked about his sexuality, Ali would often call himself gay, bisexual or at other times even a transsexual.

This little punk really needs to get to rehab then prison and get strengthened out.

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