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Humaira Arshad Files For Divorce

Pakistani singer Humaira Arshad and her husband Ahmad Butt have been facing various marital complications for years, the star couple has finally decided to initiate divorce proceedings.

The two tied the knot back in 2004 and have publicly accused each other of fraud and other vices from time to time.

Arshad recently held a media conference in response to her husband’s briefing wherein he had accused her of heinous crimes. “He has failed as a husband. He is not even giving my son to me now,” she mentioned. Arshad also reported that Butt physically abused her throughout their 12-year-long marriage, adding that she will fight in court for her son, Ali Mutaqeen, who is currently in Butt’s custody. “He tortured me physically, in front of neighbours and forced me to come out in public and cry. I tried my best to continue this marriage with him but it was getting out of hand.”

However, the blame game between the couple is going strong as Butt continues to deny her statements.

“She was not a good wife. I had decided to leave her a while ago because she was not someone I could spend my entire life with,” added Butt.

As per Arshad’s knowledge, Butt filed for divorce first. “He was a greedy man and I gave him Rs3 million after he filed for divorce. This man has eaten up every penny. He only had one successful film, Salakhain, and the rest were flops,” she shared.

Butt, on the other hand, accused her of doing the same. “I did a dozen films during our married life but Humaira would snatch all my earnings. She never left me anything,” he stated.

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