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Imran Abbas Prefers Staying Single For A Reason

In an Instagram post, the actor Imran Abbas hinted that he won’t be getting into any relationship unless it is very serious. The Khuda Aur Muhabbat star posted his picture and asked his fans whether ‘Being single is better than settling for the wrong person’…  Surprisingly, fans were quick to agree to his statement!

It seems that Abbas fears ending up with someone who doesn’t meet his expectations. According to him, being single is a lot better than being in an unhealthy relationship.

Earlier, Imran Abbas kept amazing his fans by posting pictures from his trip to Turkey. His picture with the famous Chef Czen Burak was lauded by his fans.

He also posed with the Ertugrul Series actor ‘Cem Ucan’ a.k.a Aliyar Bey, and received lot of appreciation from his followers!

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