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Iqra Aziz’s First Crush Wasn’t Yasir

Y’all might be thinking that Iqra’s first crush was her husband, Yasir Hussain, but this ain’t the truth. In a recent interview with the ‘Suno Chanda’ actress, she revealed that it was someone else whom she was crushing when she was new to the Showbiz industry.

Apart from revealing her first crush, she revealed many other things that the fans would like to know about her. For example, Iqra spends most of her earnings on her vacation as she loves traveling! On being asked about whether she will do an item song ever, she replied that she will never do that. Iqra also told about how she responds to the social media trolls. She said that she used to get very angry and replied very harshly to the trolls. However, now she has realized that she needs to relax and reply sarcastically.

Now coming to the main question; who was her first crush? Well, it was Noor Hassan, her co-star whom she worked with in drama serial ‘Muqaddas’ and ‘Kisey Chahoon’. Iqra thinks that he is handsome, and so do we!

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