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What do you think of Falak Shabir ft. Sarah Khan’s new song, “Sapnay”?


Pakistani singer and songwriter Falak Shabir has achieved worldwide acclaim after years of hard work and dedication to his profession. As a result of his exceptional skill and creativity, he became a huge star. Sarah Khan, a well-known actress in Pakistan’s film industry, married Falak Shabir in 2020.

Falak Shabir’s newest track, “Sapnay,” features Sarah Khan, who is always stunning, and was produced by “Nilofer Shahid.” Sapnay is a charming story about a young woman’s growing passion as she sets out to satisfy her longing for the unique.

The public reacted very immediately to the release of the music video. Falak Shabir’s singing abilities were praised by many, but his song was ridiculed by others as well.


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