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Channa – Atif Aslam (Coke Studio Season 6, Episode 3)

Atif Aslam returns to Coke Studio this Season with ‘Channa’ a song that is a declaration of Love thrown into a canvas of mixed instrumentation encapsulating the true state of Contentment.

The song was conceptualized by Atif; its melodic inspiration stemmed from a rhythm that finds its base in the beat of the Dhol. This rhythm was transferred into the instrumentation of the song giving the overall pulsing groove adorned with the subtle picks at the African Harp – the Kora which coupled with the Brass Section makes for an almost funky disco feel from the 70’s. A song that Atif feels quite connected with musically, ‘Channa’ which means ‘Darling’, is a song that sees a progression of deep, almost heart tugging waves stringed by the Orchestra in Serbia that finds its calm in the ever present pulse that takes the song to its climactic transition into the world of disco funk – highlighting the sense of satisfaction felt in the state of true love.


There is also a controversy regarding this song. It is said that originally this song was written and sung by singer Omar Nadeem.

Listen Below:



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