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Faiza Mujahid – Meri Zindagi

By Staff / Published on Monday, 09 May 2011 03:12 AM / 2 Comments

This year, the young musician Faiza Mujahid returns to launch her debut music video “Meri Zindagi” which is perhaps a coming-of-age song for Faiza and somewhat introspectively, talks of a vision for women being more independent and in decision making control of their lives; a vision driven from the musicians’ own personal experiences and journey of young rebellion, having constantly clashed with tradition and expectations, carving out a path for herself.

2 thoughts on “Faiza Mujahid – Meri Zindagi”

  1. Nicccccceeeee …

    Nice video, lyrics, music, vocals. Looking forward to hear more of you guys!

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