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Adnan Sami’s Indian Citizenship On Hold


No renunciation of citizenship certificate for Adnan Sami, say Pakistani authorities.

Adnan Sami was denied the renunciation of citizenship certificate by the officials on the premise that the singer had shown disrespect to his national identity, according to media.

The said certificate is necessary for Sami, if he wishes to adopt Indian citizenship officially. Any Pakistani who plans to become a citizen of another country, has to acquire the renunciation of citizenship certificate.

Reportedly, the officials were offended by a line written in the letter which Sami sent to Pakistan’s High Commission in India along with his passport. According to them, Sami had disrespected the ‘sacred documents’ by saying, “I don’t need the green passport anymore. I have found my home in India.”

“Why would we issue the certificate to a man who has no respect for ‘sacred’ documents,” a senior officer of the interior ministry said.

He has now been asked to submit an unconditional apology and follow the correct procedure in order to process his request for the certificate.

Five months ago, Adnan Sami’s passport expired, but Pakistani authorities refused to renew it. He was then given permission to stay in India for indefinite period after he requested the Indian home ministry for exemption from deportation on humanitarian grounds.

It looks like the singer will have to wait a few more months or days as Pakistani officials make sure, Sami doesn’t become an Indian citizen so soon and so easily. Over 2000 Pakistanis have given up their citizenship this year only and around 3,400 cases of renunciation have been handled in the past five years, immigration officials recently told a parliamentary panel.

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