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Ahad Raza Mir Denies Rumors Of Marrying Sajal Ali In Turkey


Ahad Raza Mir have bashed all the rumors of him marrying fiancée Sajal Aly in Turkey next year.

Recently, a news was released about him marrying Sajal Aly in a destination wedding in Turkey, next year. Fans were overjoyed by the news as Ahad-Sajal are one of the most bellowed couples in the Pakistani drama industry.

But recently, Ahad released a statement denying all the rumors of him marrying Sajal in Turkey. He added, that he will surely marry Sajjal but not in Turkey.

“I have never given any such statement where I suggested that Sajal and I are tying the knot in Turkey,” He said.

“We will get married for sure, just not in Turkey,” added the Ehd E Wafa actor.

Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly recently announced their engagement in June last year. The actors were rumored to be in a relationship ever since their drama together, Yakeen Ka Safar, became a huge hit.




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