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Fawad Khan Launches a Platform for Writers



Fawad Khan is doing his best for the revival of Pakistani cinema, and he’s launched a platform for emerging writers who can write Fawad’s next film.

He has launched a competition in order to find a talented writer. First, all participating writers will submit a synopsis of their stories and winners will then write full screenplays. The winner screenplay will have a movie produced by none other than Fawad Khan through his production house, Alteridon films.

“It’s never been a better time to be a writer – or to aspire to become one. With the rise of our local cinema along with immense opportunities in global digital cinema, we feel there needs to be a platform for aspiring scriptwriters. This will not only help them break into the industry but will also provide them with a place that will recognize them and help them overcome some of the challenges in content writing.” Fawad said.

“For years we have been hearing about problems film industry professionals encounter in finding the right stories and interesting scriptwriters to work with. At the same time, scriptwriters don’t know where to go and whom to contact to present their work. That is why we bring to you The Next Big Story,” Fawad added further.



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