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Hadiqa Kiani Launches La Sinature

Hadiqa has made her mark and continues to do so in the fashion industry not only by working with top designers and makeup artists but last year she admitted to have even started to design her own clothes but now she has ventured into the world of beauty. She is the new makeup artist for Lajwanti and recently in an interview with Omer Sharif and Imran Abbas, Hadiqa admitted to have a passion for hair cutting and makeup.

Here is an excerpt from an Instep interview with Hadiqa:

Having worked with stylists like Nabila, Tariq Amin and Khawar Riaz, Hadiqa is now testing the waters herself. Her love for color – which has always existed throughout her career and the music videos that Hadiqa pulled off such as ‘Mahi’, ‘Dupatta’, ‘Mehr Ma’, ‘Sohnya’ to name a few – has turned Hadiqa towards a slightly different path. It began at home. “I worked on a couple of brides in my family. And it’s an incredible feeling to make someone else beautiful,” Hadiqa recalls. And now Hadiqa is slowly turning it into a professional idea. While music still remains her first love (after her son), the field of styling is also a calling. Hadiqa isn’t just styling some of her own videos, she is doing more. “I’m going on that path slowly. I haven’t launched it yet but it’s getting there. A friend of mine owns Lajwanti. That’s a fashion line so in her premises there is also a salon. She asked me to set it up, give the girls some training and with my affiliation it’ll bring a lot of clientele. And I also get a platform,” Hadiqa says candidly.

The name of the saloon is “La Sinature” and it’s appointment only. The physical location of the saloon is “133g Gulberg III”. You can also reach them via phone “042-35784989?.

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