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Hadiqa Kiani to walk on Lahore Fashion Week, Feb 16th

Pakistani pop sensation Hadiqa Kiani destroyed her image last year at the Ponds Ensemble show wear Hadiqa chaotically made it to the ramp and did possibly one of the most embarrassing catwalks ever. Later in an interview Hadiqa admitted that she strongly regretted the walk and she blamed choreographer/ex super model/fashion mogul Freiha Altaf for the mishap. Well Hadiqa is back, and she wants people to forget about that catastrophe and embrace her as a celebrity fashion model.

Hadiqa is scheduled to be the Show Stopper for Asifa & Nabeel at the first night of Lahore Fashion Week. Note: Hadiqa Kiani and the very pregnant fashion designer Asifa Imran are apparently really good friends and I guess they are coming together for Fashion Week. But if rumours persist, well, then Hadiqa might model for HSY as well. But as of now she will only be the Show Stopper for the cousin duo Asifa & Nabeel.

Now, Hadiqa is not changing careers (why would she? she had the highest album sales in 2009 and so far her music career is looking very positive). She will simply be walking as a celebrity endorsing the brand. So all the best Sohnya Darling I hope (for your sake) that you rock that runway!

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