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Nabeel Zafar Apologizes for Discriminating Pushtoons in Bulbulay



Famous actor Nabeel Zafar is in hot water these days after Pushtoons were discriminated in his directorial sitcom, Bulbulay.

The show has completed its ten seasons and the lead cast includes, Mehmood Aslam, Hina Dilpazeer and Ayesha Omar.

In Bulbulay’s recent episode the cast was seen making fun of and discriminating Pushtoons which wasn’t taken well by the audience as it was criticized throughout the social media demanding an apology and also banning the sitcom.

Nabeel did wait two days but the criticism was going out of control. Nabeel had to apologize which he did eventually.

He wrote, “I’m here on this platform to apologize to anyone who has been hurt by anything we have said or done in Bulbulay. Our intentions are to make people happy not to discriminate or hurt anyone. We are extremely sorry.”

In a two minute video, he addressed the matter on hand and shared, “I came across some comments on Twitter today that we might have hurt the sentiments of our viewers over a stint in the show. We would never target a particular ethnicity. That was never our intention. Our targetted audience ranges from a four-year-old to an eight-year-old. We receive massive viewership from the K-P region.”

Talking about how every character has its own arc, Nabeed added, “There are several characters on the show. We never meant to disrespect anyone. Our only intention was to make our audience happy.”



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