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Pakistan’s female fighter pilots break down barriers




Six years ago an ad in the Sunday paper changed a young Pakistani woman’s life and made aviation history.

The ad read: “Pakistan Air Force recruiting females cadets.”

Back then Ambreen Gul was 20-years old and living in Karachi. Her mother wanted her to be a doctor. She remembers her reaction when she told her she wants to fly.

“She was like: ‘You’re a girl,'” says Gul. “How will you do it? How will you fly?”

The following day Gul took the first step in proving her mother wrong. She was among the first in line at the recruitment center.

For nearly six decades it was only men who had flown Pakistan’s fighter jets. Today Gul is one of seven women who are trained and ready to fly Pakistan’s F-7 supersonic fighter jets.

“This is a feeling that makes you proud and makes you humble also,” says Gul.

Humility doesn’t mean lack of confidence.

“We can do everything better than the men,” explains cadet Nida Tariq

Isnt that amazing? We salute to all the serving women and men in the Pakistani Airforce!

Geo Mere Jaanbaaz!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Umair

    September 24, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Given the track record and reputation of women drivers, it is quite scary to know that women are now being entrusted with Supersonic Fighter Jets. Nevertheless, putting fear aside, it is indeed something that is unprecedented and we, as Pakistani’s, should be proud of Ambreen Gul and other women like her. I just wished though that people like cadet Nida Tahar refrain from making childish and immature statements like “We can do everything better than men.” It just spoils the moment.

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