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PMC Joins Hands with SB Productions

By Staff / Published on Tuesday, 23 Dec 2008 08:58 AM / 6 Comments has joined hands with Suhrwardy Brothers Productions and are the Official Web Partners!

The SB Productions have accomplished alot in the media world.  There previous works includes commericals, tv serials, tv ads, documentaries, films and much more! There latest venture is a show called “Kal Kahan – Ab Yahan”.


Every year, Canada welcomes over 200,000 immigrants to call Canada their home. Some have a tough road ahead while others tougher.

Kal Kahan – Ab Yahan is a story of these immigrants on their journey of assimilating into the Canadian way of life, taking on a Canadian identity and most importantly calling Canada their home.

Kal Kahan – Ab Yahan celebrates the open and progressive society that welcomes immigrants from around the world to share Canada’s prosperity while
offering the freedom to maintain their ethnic and cultural heritage and contributing in to Canada’s economy.

It’s a 30 min socio – infotainment program where newcomers and established immigrants and their families are profiled. A dedicated ‘Expert Advice’ segment from industry professionals is an important element where topics concerning the South Asian community are covered.

Airing every Sunday at 13:30 and Tuesday at 12:30 on OMNI TV (previously known as Channel m)

Executive Producer & Host: Adeel Suhrwardy.

Check out there previous work below.

The Early Days


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