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“We Need to change to bring back old days” says Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed

The whole world is suffering from Covid-19 and it is not only the fight of authorities but as humans, we also have some responsibilities on our shoulders.

Recently, pictures were surfing on social media where people were busy shopping for Eid ignoring all the precautions and also of jam-packed roads in the time when we all need to stay home.

Activist, Shaniera Akram took to Twitter and wrote:  “Seeing footage of traffic blocked roads, congested streets and market places and hundreds of people without even a mask on. This country makes me want to cry.”

Cake actress, Sanam Saeed also took to Twitter and criticized the impatient people for now staying home and going out in groups without caring about the fact that we as a nation are losing the fight against Pandemic.

“Do we really need to run to the markets for Eid shopping?”

Knowing that people can just as well order clothes online or try to spend Eid differently this year, Saeed went on to argue with those still adamant on clinging to old habits.

“Will we go back to our old ways without showing any change? Please ehtiyaat say bahir jaain (take precautions while going outside). This is another crucial time since everyone is rushing out together at once. Maybe try celebrating Eid differently this year.” She wrote.



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