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Five Star Mother-Kid duos In Pakistan

With a bundle of channels going live in Pakistan it’s very difficult to newcomers to make their place in the industry but still there were some star kids who followed the footsteps of their mothers and made their name in the industry.
Afshan Qureshi – Faisal Qureshi

Faysal Qureshi: Age, Daughter, Wives, Mother, Pictures, Children ...
Afshan Qureshi established herself as one of the finest female actresses. She is known for her dialogue delivery but her son Faisal Qureshi is equally talented and is one of the leading and highest-paid actors in Pakistani drama industry.
Neelo – Shaan Shahid

Neelo was one of the most known Pakistani actresses at one time but little did she know that one day her son will be the biggest film star of Pakistan and he will be one-man army for the majority of his career.
Saba Hameed – Meesha, Faris

Saba Hameed now has the most talented families of Pakistan. We all know how talented she is and how many hit dramas she’s been a part of but her children turned out to be equally amazing. Meesha Shafi is one of the most skilled vocalists Pakistan has and Faris has proved his worth in acting and in music as well.


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