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Sanam’s Saeed Short Film ‘Ab Buss’ is Based On Motorway Incident

A Pakistani Digital platform, C Prime Channel, released a short film named ‘Ab Buss’, starring Sanam Saeed and directed by Mohsin Talat. The film is inspired from the most tragic and horrible happening, the Lahore motorway gang rape incident. The incident occurred in September 2020 which shook everyone to the core and people from every walk of life condemned it.

This short film has a strong message for the viewers as it highlights the social norms prevailing in the country. The film’s duration is 10 minutes and 24 seconds only but it contains all that it needs to deliver a valuable lesson to the audience.

Sanam Saeed plays the role of a girl ‘Maya’ whose father had a heart attack and she has to travel all alone. The caption of the trailer said:

She knows she’s done it before and she can do it again – Maya packs for an unexpected trip as she gets a phone call’’

Sanam says that she read the script and she thought that it delivered a nice message in a short duration. The actress was vocal about the motorway incident since the beginning and she often raised her voice to demand justice and question the authorities.


Sanam says that the digital platforms offer a lot of opportunities for people like us to bring forth our ideas and give a strong message to the nation. Watch the short film here and let us know about your views in comments.

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