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Rohail Hyatt Will No Longer Produce Coke Studio

The founding member and celebrated musician, Rohail Hyatt is not producing Coke Studio for the upcoming season. He has recently been active on social media, especially Twitter which is a bit surprising for us because he didn’t seem to be a fan of social media. Anyhow, we came across one of his interactions with a fan in which he was asked about Coke Studio. To this he replied ‘I am sure CS is being planned but not by me’.

His fans are wondering what is he up to if he’s not producing CS. However, where the news of him stepping down from CS production is true, there are some rumors that he will still be associated to the show but with a smaller role. Rohail had launched Coke Studio in 2008 and after producing it for six seasons he stepped down from its production. He returned as a producer in 2019 and now is stepping back again. Meanwhile CS was produced by Strings from Season 6 to season 10, and Zohaib Kazi along with Ali Hamza co-produced Season 11.

There is a lot of curiosity among the Coke Studio fans as to who will produce the upcoming season this year. CS has already seen a variety of producers throughout these seasons and we are excited for the season 13 too. One thing we know for sure is that Coke Studio prospered a lot during Rohail Hyatt’s reign- it became popular in Pakistan and abroad and was fascinating enough to keep the youth, adults, and even the older generation hooked. Let’s see what role does Rohail Hyatt has to play in this season!


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