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Abrar Ul Haq Updates the Controversy Over Nach Punjaban


One man, many skills: that’s Abrar ul Haq. He grew up in a household filled with professors and military officers and went on to get degrees in both geography and law. Additionally, Abrar taught geography at Lahore’s illustrious Aitchison College. When he finally began penning his songs, his Billo De Ghar became an instant hit. Since then, he has given us innumerable hits, solidifying his status as Pakistan’s undisputed Bhangra king.

Nach Punjaban is a huge hit and is a masterpiece by Abrar ul Haq. The effect of Nach Punjaban is such that no Punjabi wedding can go place without it. However, Bollywood acted in typical Bollywood fashion. Abrar ul Haq has stated that he has not granted Karan Johar’s production company the rights to utilize the song in the film Jug Jug Jeyo.

He updated the situation of the controversy during an interview on G Sarkar. He admitted that he had already challenged them in the United Kingdom and Pakistan, and that he was getting ready to do the same in India. According to Abrar, Karan Johar must compensate him for the use of his music without permission.

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