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Veena Malik Is The New Munni

Veena Malik is one of those rare celebrities that no matter how much you write about her, it’s never really enough. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t taken the Meera route to fame which means making hilarious grammatical errors nor Mathira’s road which meant becoming infamous for late night shenanigans and fading away after that. On the other hand, Veena used her signature sleaze not merely for cheap thrills and quick laughs but to carve her way into Bollywood. With her latest appearance in Bollywood being an item number called “Channo”, she has, in essence, climbed to the status of item girls Katrina Kaif and Malaika Aurora.

Perpetually caught in a controversy or another, the recent news about Malik slapping her cast member Vedita Pratap Singh while shooting a fight sequence for their film Mumbai 125km made the rounds. Although she vehemently denied it, we all know how dodgy her denials can be. And it’s some of these doings and denials that have made her what she is today. In a way, credit must be given to the lady herself for capitalising on her controversies and making her item number get noticed in such a competitive industry.

Even more interesting is the rumor that Nicole Kidman was supposed to feature in the item number “Channo” but when the deal couldn’t get finalized, Veena was the next option. This is something huge for the actor and her cult followers who have exponentially grown after the FHM photo shoot and her verbal bash with a religious cleric over her antics in “Bigg Boss”. People might disagree that featuring in an item number is not that stylish of a break into Bollywood but with all due respect to the public sentiment, a Pakistani actor dancing her way into the Indian film industry is actually a big deal.

Her recent item number also brings back the memories of her old days. She featured in the remake of the 1966 ghazal “Baray Bemurawwat Hein” in which she plays a classical dancer and a mother of one. From playing the concerned mother in the revamped version of Pakistani ghazals to hosting “Hum Sab Umeed Sae Hain”, and finally adding herself to the league of Munnis and Sheilas, Veena has come a long way. We have heard of people who have made it big because of sheer talent and hard-work but this is someone who has really made a career out of controversies.

Golden words:

“Don’t have enough words to express my feelings for some people. I wish I had more middle fingers!!!”

Veena Malik expressed her disgust on Twitter when she was accused of assaulting her co-star Vedita Pratap while shooting for her Bollywood film Mumbai 125km.

“I would never strip for any industry.”

Veena Malik after the release of the controversial FHM India shoot

“Why can’t a Pakistani woman dress up the way she wants to? Pakistani girls can’t wear bikinis — they have never asserted their right. I am the one who took up this initiative.”

Veena Malik explains the reason why she did a “bold shoot”.