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Javed Bashir Quits Mekaal Hasan Band

We have come to know that Javed Bashir the lead vocalist of the Mekaal Hasan Band has quit the band. This has been a very sad moment for music industry of Pakistan as the two maestros separate their ways.

The news also went live on “Express News” where Javed was invited for a live call conversation. He mentioned that he has left the band and he also mentioned his upcoming band with his brother. MHB “just recently” did the album launch in Pakistan where band was “intact”. As the news develops, it seems that this is not the rumor and Javed has actually left the band.

Mekaal Hasan about the situation has replied:

Javed Bashir will not be singing for MHB as he has his personal commitments to attend to. MHB will be featuring new singers from here on who will be traditional based singers as was Javed Bashir

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