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Mona Lizza Makes Bollywood Actress Jealous

 Pakistan’s , who is known as  in Bollywood is seem to making her female co-star jealous.   and Sarah Loren who can’t see eye-to-eye will apparently not promote their new Bollywood film Murder 3 together.

With two actresses vying for attention in an upcoming thriller, competition is taking a catty turn with claws being sharpened and battle-lines drawn. Newbie Sara Loren and Aditi Rao Hydari feature with  in debutant Vishesh Bhatt’s film. Both the actresses apparently will not promote the film together due to the simmering tension between the two.

According to sources “It’s clear that both can’t see eye-to-eye so getting them on the same platform together is proving to be a daunting task. It’s a case of one-showmanship and looks like there is no possibility of a cool-off.”

“Sara was cast in the film due to her sex appeal as the makers felt it would take the third installment of their franchise to the next level. The chemistry between Randeep and Sara seemed to be sizzling hot. Randeep would even take out time to rehearse the dialogues with Sara during lunch breaks. This is when Aditi grew worried that Sara might walk away stealing the thunder with her dare bare approach. When the first look of the movie was out Aditi’s fears seemed to have come true. The trailer doesn’t shy away from using Sara and Randeep to lure the audience.”

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