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Resham might be working with Ahmed Ali Akbar soon.

As a talented Pakistani actress, Resham is well-known for her roles in blockbuster movies and television shows. Her acting career has been on hold for some time. Resham seems to be making a comeback in the media. Ahmed Ali Akbar, a Pakistani actor, was in the news recently because of her encounters with the actress. Resham was also often lauded for his acting abilities and technique.

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Amna Ilyas will soon be working together on a project, the actress stated on Instagram.


She’s met with Shoaib Sultan, Amna Ilyas, and Ahmed Ali Akbar, the director. The actress promised that the fans will receive excellent news regarding the future production in a short period of time. Images of herself from the encounter were included in the post. It’s not clear what the project is about, but the actors have taken group shots together.


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