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Amna Babar Opens about Recent Divorce; Netizens React.

Amna Babar recently opened up her Instagram stories to fan questions through the “Ask me Anything” option, disclosing details about her recent divorce .

After a fan inquired as to why she no longer publishes photos with her husband, Amna answered via video, “Because he is no longer my husband.” We just divorced and are co-parenting our kid. Although our relationship did not work out, we are delighted that he is a great parent.”

After a fan commented on how “incredible” it was that Amna “so boldly” revealed her divorce experience, the model answered that she is “here for the change.” “Divorce does not have to be a gloomy ending,” she said. For some, it’s a happily ever after. That is why, today, I gladly announced my divorce.”

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