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Hadiqa Opens Up On Marriage And Divorce

Singer turned actor, Hadiqa Kiani, opened up for the first time on her ex-husband and marital life. She had recently appeared in Nida Yasir’s morning show where she talked about her personal life. During her conversation with the host, she said that her ex-husband was a 3D animator. He used to make her videos in the 90s and then he sent a proposal to which her family agreed. She further said that his mother wasn’t happy with her profession and this was the major obstacle. They lived together for five and a half years and then they got separated. 

Hadiqa said that the biggest mistake that she made was that she wasn’t happy during the engagement period but she still decided to marry him. During that time her ex-husband also tried to commit suicide to which she decided to give him a second chance. She recalled that at that time she thought that if a man is willing to give his life for her, he’ll always care for her. However, she said that it would be better if she had backed out at that time. 

The ‘Raqeeb Se’ actor said that when relationships are based on ownership, you never get appreciated. She wasn’t stopped from singing but when she used to return home from a music show, she was berated. Thus, she had to end her relationship because of her ex-husband’s insecurities. 

The Dobara star also revealed that she had married to an Afghani man who was settled in the UK. She married to give a surname to her child and to complete the paperwork. Hadiqa had adopted a boy from Edhi Foundation in 2005, whom she had named ‘Naad e Ali’. She has raised her son as a single mother; she talked about how a single mother faces difficulties in raising her children. 



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