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Bayaan offer tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Nayyara Noor



Bayaan has turned out to be one of the most soulful bands Pakistan has ever had. Yes, it might be very soon to say this but they have proved it again and again.

This time they’ve decided to tribute the most prolific poet Pakistan ever had, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Nayyara Noor by recreating Aj Bazaar Mein, it is not the first time they are covering this, they first covered it on Battle of the Bands and combined it with Ali Azmat’s Naa Re Naa.

Talking about the track Bayaan’s bassist, Haider Abbas said, “It was so well received that we decided to do a longer version of the same. There were multiple requests from our fans as well to work on Faiz’s poetry so this rendition was in the making for quite some time.

“It is quite different from the BoB version of the song though,” asserted Abbas. “First of all, this is solely Faiz’s poetry. We redid the whole version. Asfar, (our vocalist), harmonized the chord and we made it sound a bit more mellow. I worked on the bass while Shahrukh and Keith played the guitars.”



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