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Javed Bashir Quits MHB

The (now ex) lead vocalist of the Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) seemed to take inspiration from the Spice Girl’s Geri Halliwell when he decided to quit his band a day after their second album’s (Saptak) official launch. What’s more is that he decided to break the news to the world — and to the band members whom he had not informed of his decision — by announcing it on a TV show on a local news network.

The singer’s departure from the band came as rather abrupt as only a day prior to the announcement he had performed with MHB on the launch of their second album, and till then everything between the singer and the band seemed fine.

The MHB band members seem only slightly bewildered at the singer’s decision and let down by him. Javed could have decided to part ways before the release of Saptak. Why wait to launch the album, a time at which the band is expected to tour and promote the album globally? Most important, why did the singer not bring his band mates into confidence before blurting it out on national TV?

Javed Bashir has enjoyed a relationship with the Mekaal Hasan Band for over six years. He also has a qawwali group on the side with whom he often performs. The Mekaal Hasan Band has previously performed with another vocalist (Ali Abbas) whenever Javed’s performance dates with his qawwali band have clashed with those of MHB’s. The band now intends to work and collaborate with a host of classical vocalists in their performances and in their third album, hoping that it would provide a wider scope for the band’s music and give it a whole new edge.

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