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Raeth’s latest album leaks over the Internet

By Staff / Published on Saturday, 03 Jul 2010 13:47 PM / 6 Comments / 3425 views

Raeth‘s second album ‘Hum Yaadon Ke Sang‘ which hasn’t even been scheduled for release in Pakistan yet has made it’s way over the internet. This is the second Pakistani album in this year, which has made it’s way over the internet, first one being Annie’s second album. In Pakistan Raeth has been signed by Fire Records which was not planning to release the album in Pakistan anytime soon and by Universal Music Records for the international market. Universal Music Records, which released Raeth’s debut album in India in the year 2006, has also released their second album in India in the beginning of this month.

So, probably the album has been leaked by an Indian pirate.

Listen to the title track:

[audio: https://pakmanzil.com/aliz/Hum%20Yadoo%20Kai%20Sang%20-%20Raeth.mp3]

General Info:

Album : Hum Yaadon Ke Sang [2010]
Artist : Raeth
Music Director : Raeth
Lyricist : Wajhi Farouqui
Genre : Pop
Total No. of Tracks : 11 (8 original, 3 remix)
Total Run time : 49:30 mins
Music Label : Universal Music Records
Audio Release Date : July 2010

Album Tracklist:

  • Hum Yaadon Ke Sang
  • Waada
  • Mein Chala
  • Tum Meri Ho
  • Bolo Toh
  • Jhoothi Kahani
  • Aag
  • Dil Nahin Manta
  • Hum Yaadon Ke Sang – Acoustic
  • Hum Yaadon Ke Sang – Club Mix
  • Waada – Club Mix
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