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Adil Omar – Exploding Heart (Music Video)

adil omar

The term “exploding heart” brings to mind two things: the aughts Portland punk band, The Exploding Hearts, and a hyperbolic way of saying that something gives you a lot of feelings.

But in Adil Omar’s new video for his track bearing that title, “Exploding Heart” takes on a more literal meaning. Hearts actually explode with unapologetic gore.

The science fantasy video, which takes place in a world inhabited by armed and cloaked, bug-eyed skeleton-masked men, also features vocalist Brevi, the singer of Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs.

Written & Performed by Adil Omar
Additional Vocals by Brevi
Produced by Charlie Patierno
Directed & Edited by Aisha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri

Watch The Video Below:

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