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Bilal Khan’s New Music Video Stars Zaid Ali and Yumna Zaidi

Bilal Khan shared a picture on his social media account with a girl, and asked his fans to guess who he is starring in his subsequent music video. While it was challenging for some, other fans took no time to guess it was Yumna Zaidi, the wife of the famous YouTuber Zaid Ali. Later, Bilal Khan confirmed himself that his new music video is starring Zaid Ali and Yumna Zaidi.

The song is titled ‘Gallan Teriyan Mitheeyan’ and its first teaser is out too. From the teaser, we can see that Zaid and Yumna are the central part of the music video along with Bilal Khan.

We are more stirred after hearing about this video because it has got some famous faces; who doesn’t know Zaid Ali T? He is quiet popular among the masses for his funny and hilarious content on the social media. This is also the first time that he and his wife are starring in any musical video.

On the other hand, Bilal Khan is also one of the famous singers in Pakistan. His blockbuster song ‘Bachana’ was loved by many fans and everyone is waiting keenly for this new music video too! The new music video will be released on Sunday, 1st of November 2020 and Bilal has requested his fans to watch it as it is very special to him.


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