Charay Man Ke Taar – Najam Sheraz |

Charay Man Ke Taar – Najam Sheraz

By Staff / Published on Thursday, 17 Sep 2009 21:05 PM / 10 Comments

Najam Sheraz’s new music video has been finally released in India. This new music video has been released by Frankfinn Entertainment and its called “Charay Man Ke Taar.”

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10 thoughts on “Charay Man Ke Taar – Najam Sheraz”

  1. Loved the song. The beach scenes have been filmed beautifully, crisp video. Personally would have preferred a Pakistani version and a story line that went with the song’s wordings. But, in keeping with Najam’s focus shifting to a global audience this caters to the international market. Overall a good video with some pleasant locales.

  2. i doonu wht this guy wants.. ik taraf islami hoojata hai dossrai din is ka song release hoojata hai .. haahahhaah

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