Faaslay – Siege

By Staff / Published on Thursday, 18 Dec 2008 07:13 AM / 7 Comments / 1430 views

Awesome band! and Awesome Music Video!


What do you guys think of this new video by Siege?

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7 thoughts on “Faaslay – Siege”

  1. they did awsome in this song they improved there video and their looks… this video is 100% better dan the last one…… i love these guys i wish them best wishes and hope for more good music from them………….. i gave this video 100% because nobody made this kind of video before and 90% to the song cuz i think they coud do it better and best this is the first song i heard in two tempo,s from pak…..

  2. dude this track is shit honeslty no voice  n his notes r not even matching the chord 0000

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