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Morey Piya – Jal The Band

By Staff / Published on Friday, 14 Nov 2008 05:49 AM / 11 Comments

Jal is back with a bang! After winning 3 Lux Style Awards, There new music video “Morey Pya” has finally been released. The music video is directed by Aamir Malick. Its almost identical to Sajni with the graphics and the whole style and scene set up.. is the first Pakistani music site to provide you with this music video and a exclusive music video download..

The Youtube video will not work since GEO TV – has claimed all the copyrights of “Morey Piya” on –

To Download The Music Video – Click Here

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11 thoughts on “Morey Piya – Jal The Band”

  1. i saw a video it is very nice jal band another hit song.
    video is also very nice and gohar is looking oaosum.farhan and shazi is looking nice.

  2. Hmmmm…..wht 2 say guyz…..!
    u just left us speechless!
    its been a tremendous work done by u people!
    u guyz r0ck……!as ALWAYZZZZZ!

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