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Do Dil – Noori


[youtube YI89k1Psrm8]


This is the very first song that Noori wrote and the video actually starts with the first recording attempt at the song – back in 1996.

Do Dil was actually initiated by Ali Hamza who on a left handed acoustic guitar, was trying to figure out a Coven (Ali Noor’s first English band’s) song called Samson & Delilah . When Ali Noor heard the a few lines of the lyrics and melody, the idea of making a band together and composing songs in Urdu struck him. That’s the day Noori was born. The brothers eventually created Do Dil as their first collaborative effort.

This song is true representative of the blending of the unique style of lyric writing and composing of both the brothers.

The song has been reproduced exactly as it was composed 13 years ago. The recording quality and mix etc. have been upgraded – a very special thanks to Pakistani singer Shiraz Uppal for that.

The video is directed by Mandana Zaidi.

The concept of the video is to highlight, through old video footage, a few of the key persons who have played a vital role in the noori journey.

Lastly Do Dil is also the first LOVE SONG Noori ever wrote!!!!

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