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Saba Qamar Coming Up With Something New?

The Lux Girl Saba Qamar is one of those actresses who have a very rational approach to choosing their projects. Whenever she comes up with a project, we know that it is going to be a unique one and will keep us engaged for a while. She has worked in some blockbuster projects like Baaghi, Cheekh, Maat, Dastan and others.


She also worked in an Indian movie ‘Hindi Medium’ in which she was casted opposite Irfan Khan. Saba received a lot of appreciation for her acting in Hindi Medium. However, it’s been quite some time that we haven’t seen her in any drama serial or film.

Her Insta stories and posts tell us that she’s ready to hit something new. These days she is digging deep into the scripts and exploring her role in a feature film.


Her recent Insta story reveals that she is going through the script labelled under ‘Mastermind Films’ and titled with ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’. Though we are sure that she is going to come up with a feature film but we aren’t sure whether the title is ‘Ghabrana nahi hai’ or she’s just asking us not to worry.

She has also worked in Sarmad Khoosat’s movie ‘Kamli’ which was to be released earlier this year but didn’t because of the pandemic. The movie was almost completed and Saba once announced that it is going through a final ‘wrap up’. Today in her Insta story, she also hinted on her upcoming movie ‘Kamli’.

The Cheekh girl was looking for something bigger and better after doing the mega projects like those she had done in the past. Now that she has hinted on coming up with something new, which is most probably a feature film, we wish her all the best for the new project!

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