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Fawad Khan Attends London Charity Event


Actor Fawad Khan recently graced his presence in London, where he attended the UK Medical Aid to Pakistan press conference.

Khan was representing the charity and lending his support. Khan spoke to the London press about his involvement with the charity, how he hopes it will evolve as well as his life as a Bollywood star. Though he has stepped into the world of Bollywood, the actor is still very much in touch with Pakistan.

Having been a part of many organizations, Khan was asked if he was looking to develop his own ‘Fawad Khan Foundation’ for Pakistan.

“I have mentioned this before, people at IR USA (Islamic Relief USA) or say UK Medical Aid are more capable of handling funds, like they’ve have years and years of experience. I think it’s something that requires experience and training, over the years. It’s not something one can handle so easily, and I’m the last person who can actually handle money. Never hand your money to me. But if I’m associated to something you may do, dil khol ke paise deyn’ do donate. But I don’t think I’m that capable of doing it, it requires a certain amount of experience and intelligence when it comes to these things. These people know what they’re doing. But I love being a part of it.”

The actor was also asked how, out of all the charities that approach him, he decides which one he will be a part of.


“I’m sure that there are many charities, and many organizations that are working towards to betterment of people and society, but we’ve had the privilege of actually being able to work with at least 95%, if not all then 90% of the charities that have approached us. Some we are working with are in Pakistan. UK Medical Aid is one of the one’s we are working with here in the UK, and IOUS is one that we are working with in the US. So it’s not that we’ve turned down people who have approached us because I think at the end of the day the portfolio that we carry speaks for itself. Yes, if there’s an organization that does not have any experience what’s o ever approaches us, that’s when we feel a bit shaky about it, but that’s only because of the lack of experience, nothing else. Otherwise, we’re always there in whatever way we can support.”

Khan went onto talk about how his involvement with UK Medical Aid evolved, and how he hopes it will develop as the charity grows, “Well it was actually when we came to know of it, UK Medical Aid was kind enough to approach us for this personal event, we got to know about what they were involved in. Having said that, I’ve been traveling a lot and not had the chance to actually visit the sites but some of the sites that we’ve seen, some of the work that we’ve seen is actually been quite an eye opener. I hope that in the future I get a chance to actually venture into these areas where I’ve not been able to visit like Balochistan, and see exactly the results. The results are there, we can talk of it, but actually going to experience it yourself is a different backlogging altogether. I think is will evolve with that, but it’s an initial pragmatic, it’s health and I hope it works out.”

“I’ve had a great time working with every charity, but I guess probably the charity that has been closest to my heart is having worked with Shaukat Khanum and having patients recovering from cancer, especially children. It takes a great amount of fight and strength to overcome and illness like that, and seeing such people. Because we probably have a lot to complain about and when you see someone whose faced with such a life threatening illness like that, and you see them recover, and you seem them wanting to get back on their feet and be alive, it’s a source of inspiration. No matter how cliché it sounds, but it is very inspiring,” Khan added when speaking about the charity closest to his heart.

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