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Miss Pakistan World Beauty Pageant Has Defrauded Thousands!

Miss Pakistan World beauty pageant has conned thousands of dollars from aspiring models since it’s inception.

The beauty pageant which is not even based in Pakistan but in Toronto Canada by Sonia Ahmed has constantly blackmailed, threatened, and harassed former beauty pageants who dared to speak up against Ms. Ahmed and the organizers.

The beauty pageant judges are also hand picked by the organizer.  The judges who are selected are all friends with Ms. Ahmed and have no prior experience judging.

To be a part of the show one has to pay $500 according to a former contestant. However, if you know the organizers then you pay $200 to enter. Your hotel, flight, transportation cost, and food is extra which makes you end up paying $1000 – $2000 more.

The fraudulent pageant does not verify if you’re Pakistani or Pakistani descent. In 2014 an aspiring Bangladeshi model from New Jersey named Sameera Khan was able to compete in Miss Pakistan World.  The same model Sameera Khan in 2013 competed in Miss India USA, and also competed in and won Miss New Jersey 2015.

The most famous winner from Miss Pakistan World was the very controversial Mahleej Sarkari who briefly appeared on many Pakistani TV shows after her win. One year after the win; Mahleej had a huge falling out with Sonia Ahmed who didn’t deliever on promises she made to her winner.

When Mahleej went to the media with her story about how she was defrauded by Miss Pakistan World and Sonia Ahmed. The founder Sonia Ahmed leaked the nude photos of Mahleej Sarkari on the internet and also sent a link of the photos to media outlets to ruin Mahleej’s reputation. (The photo link has since been taken down by Sonia as the article published)

In 2008 disgraced model and Sonia’s former associate and friend who previously won Mrs Pakistan World in 2008; Saman Hasnain and her husband Jawad duped California home-owners with a false scheme to lower and or re-negotiate their home mortgages. The couple stole hundreds of thousands of dollars and fled to Pakistan to avoid going to jail in America.

Recently – The 2014 Miss Pakistan World winner Aatka Feroz has had her bikini photos leaked all over social media by Sonia Ahmed after a dispute over winnings.

All former contestants we spoke to have agreed that the beauty pageant is fixed. The organizers make false promises of fame, money, roles in movies just to steal your hard earned money. It’s also been alleged that Sonia Ahmed and her team forces contestants to do either a nude or bikini photo-shoot in order to compete, which later is used for extortion and blackmail.

Due to the bad reputation of Miss Pakistan World in N. America – Sonia Ahmed and her organizers are planning to launch in Pakistan, UK, and UAE to dupe other contestants and steal more money. We urge everyone to stay away from such fraudulent pageants.


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