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Model Sadaf Kanwal Accused Of Anorexia

Pakistani model Sadaf Kanwal hit back at “skinny-shaming” haters after she remarked that her body isn’t perfect.

In response to comments that she probably has anorexia and subsists on a starvation diet, Sadaf tweeted Oct. 18 which she later deleted, that she probably eats more than most of her critics.

“I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny!” Sadaf wrote on Instagram. “I eat a lot. I probably eat more burgers than you. I’ve always been skinnier and probably will always be. I work out, I’m healthy and I’m happy!”

The uproar started after Sadaf commented that every woman’s body is different, so we should learn to love and embrace our unique body type. As an example, Sadaf said her body could never look like that of fellow supermodel Mehreen Syed because they have different bone structures.

“If I put a picture of Mehreen and I want to have that body,” Sadaf said in her broken English. “Not in a million years I’m gonna have that body because my bone structure is not built like her amazing [body].”

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