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Veena Malik Plays Holi In Bollywood

Veena Malik urges her fans to use eco-friendly colors. 

While the whole India is gearing up to revel in the spirit of  festivities of Holi, the Pakistani Actress Veena Malik was caught on camera while playing Holi on the set of her upcoming Bollywood movie.

She was seen playing with eco friendly color with her movie cast and crew. Veena Malik said,

“I always try to play Holi with natural colors which are eco-friendly. I am really happy to celebrate Holi this year too. I can say that I love India and festival of India which spread love and joy.”

With that being said by Veena Malik, it seems like she loves India and the Indian festivals as she doesn’t have interest in Pakistan. Maybe, we shouldn’t consider her one of us? A Pakistani? Your views about it?


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