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Veena Malik Goes Topless Again?

 is always looking for the spotlight. And if her acting doesn’t show that, it is definitely reflected in the choice of work she does. Although she has only done item numbers in movies that almost border on the realm of B-grade flicks, the babe does give it her all.

In her next film titled Zindagi 50-50, which is going to be her acting debut in Bollywood, Veena Malik plays a prostitute. From the trailers, the film looks like another one of those flicks that is low on stars but high on sleaze, and is made up of the has-beens and other dredge of Bollywood. And in true top form, Veena has gone topless in a steamy lovemaking scene for the film. A la Paoli Dam, she will be seen making love to a stranger as the camera pans across her sexy back.

But for all those who are thinking that they will get to see a lot more of her will be a tad disappointed because apparently Veena has said that her role is more realistic and less sleazy.

We’ve heard that she even hung around with prostitutes to get into the skin of her character!

Has Veena Malik gone mad or what? Let us know.


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