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Pakistani celebrities are outraged with the removal of Pakistani new releases.

On Eid ul Fitr this year, five Pakistani films were released. All Pakistani filmmakers had higher hopes and expectations from the public, and they succeeded to draw people to the cinema in some way. On their first three days, Ghabrana Nahi Hai and Dam Mastam generated a substantial amount of revenue. Filmmakers were also amused that while movies were playing smoothly in theaters, a foreign release called “Dr Strange” impacted local films. Dr Strange was released on May 6th, and all Pakistani films were pulled down without warning or explanation.

The filmmakers expressed their displeasure and also held a press conference. All of the filmmakers believe that the foreign film might have been released sooner, or that theatre owners should not have put down Pakistani “New Releases” on their fourth day of release.

Many actors have condemned the movie theater owners and expressed their displeasure with them. They believe that a foreign picture invades Pakistani cinema, which is unfortunate, and that the producers and actors are treated unfairly. Amar Khan put together a video. She bemoaned the fact that a foreign film, Dr Strange, had arrived and that Pakistani films had been quietly halted and the number of screens reduced.


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